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  • We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.
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* We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

An Affordable Legal Plan, Legal Documents, Legal Consultation, Last Will & Testament

At Affordable Resource Services our goal is to assist you in developing a legal plan and to help provide you with a full range of legal planning services including reviewing of legal documents, legal consultation, and the preparation of a Last Will and Testament.

My legal plans are a highly efficient and cost effective way to navigate today's complicated legal system. With the many benefits our programs provide you will not only obtain fair solutions for many civil and criminal legal situations, but also find a practical means to keep legal costs under control.


Personal/Business Legal Consultations

Legal ConsultationWith Affordable Resource Services' Legal Programs attorney consultation is just a phone call away. I can provide you with access to a qualified legal firm that will consult with you on any personal or business matter.

Find peace of mind in making legal plans or decisions with a no cost legal consultation! Once you know all your options, choosing how to proceed is much easier. You may proceed on your own, (Pro Se), or retain the services of the program attorney.

A highly discounted hourly rate is provided for retaining the program attorney for additional legal consultations on the same matter. Letters and telephone calls to the provider law firm can make a difference in resolving your issue and preparing a legal plan.


Review of Your Legal Documents

Know your rights before you sign any legal documents. You may have your existing legal contract, (up to 12 pages) reviewed at no charge! Should any changes be necessary in your legal document after consulting with the provider attorney, use your discounted rate to have them prepare or revise the legal documents. You may of course want to draft the legal documents yourself. It's your option.


A Comprehensive Last Will and Testament

Last Will and Testament

A Will is an important part of legal planning. Don't leave this earth without one! This program comes with everything you need to prepare a legal Will correctly! Updates are included every two years. This complete Last Will and Testament package is provided by Affordable Resource Services, not the provider law firm. Call for an appointment today and begin this important procedure at once. You'll rest easier knowing that you affairs are in order before the time comes.


Substantial Discounts on Attorney Fees

When you don't want to go it alone even on pre-existing issues you may retain the attorney as often as you wish. Whether developing a legal plan, preparing legal documents, or obtaining legal consultation, hourly rates are discounted substantially and are far less than normal fees.

Let Affordable Resource Services help put your legal plan in motion by contacting us today!




Notice: Affordable Resource Services staff cannot provide legal advice. No information on this site should be used or interpreted as legal advice. Legal counsel is provided by law plan attorneys or resource organization attorneys as assigned.