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* We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.


Living Trust WillsYou have worked hard to accumulate what you own. In today's society, it is absolutely essential that you prepare a will or trust to control how your property is to be treated after you are gone and select the trusted person who will represent you and ensure that your wishes are carried out in your absence.

Failure to provide a will can result in substantial tax consequences to your estate, and your assets being given to those whom you do not wish to receive them.


Reduce Your Risk and Gain Peace of Mind

You will be surprised how easy it often is to get your affairs in order and you'll rest easier knowing your assets will be properly bestowed.

Living trust wills are not made public at the time of your death but are kept private. They are not subject to a second-state probate proceeding where there is out-of-state property.

A living trust will gives you the added flexibility in allowing you to act as the grantor and manage the Trust assets as long as you are willing and able to do so.

In these troubled economic times living will documents are a must for those looking to secure the distribution of their estate assets after their death and to be able to manage them easily until that time. My legal services are here to help you secure your property for your posterity and their future.

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